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MONIQUE PRICE-TAYLOR, M.S. is a native of Hartford, Connecticut, where she experienced profound heartache with the loss of her immediate family by the age of twenty-two. She has allowed the pain she endured to ignite her to pursue her purpose.  


The Trailblazer takes you on a journey of self-exploration that transforms your thoughts through your quest for liberation. It lends an opportunity for you to assess the matters of your heart and provides   strategies for acknowledging the areas of your life that require attention and she provides you with applicable strategies on how you can find your purpose.  


Monique challenges you to reevaluate the ‘conditions’ of your heart in order to operate at maximum capacity and live a TRAILBLAZING life.

A Trailblazer in her own right, Monique Price-Taylor is a a woman of God. wife, educator and lifelong learner who is committed to proving a Trailblazing experience that will challenge and equip you with ways to pursue your purpose intentionally. 


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Do you have a goal you would like to materialize. You have an appointment with YOU! Let's move beyond your fear and begin to remove the barriers to achieve your goals. Ar...
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"Maximize your minutes, by optimizing your gifts"


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